Do not hesitate to face yourself – できない自分と戯れろ

Today was the day for my new challenge, that is NEW MEETUP, Web Consulting @Byron Bay【FREE】”.


This time, I talked with Michael (Thanks for joining today!) about concrete steps for building and developing website for business

  1. Web server contract
  2. Website building (WordPress)
  3. Get your own domain (URL)
  4. Connect with SNS

I think using WordPress is easy for beginner to have their own.

You can use many plugin (like app) for extend many functions in WordPress.


Actually, I thought my English was not fluent but hope this meetup was useful for Michael!


To be honest, I was so nervous… because have felt anxiety whether I can really help somebody with my skill and experience for digital marketing in English.

Without no support, no brand, no connection… but I decided to challenge.


Challenging means just try to do new thing even if I can not know whether I can do it or not.

Doing something what already you can do is not connected to improve my skill.


Whenever we challenge, we sometimes, no but frequently face with our real, even if you don’t want to.

However, at the same time I know this challenge is the only way to make me advance to the next step.


That’s why we need to go forward and Keep going.


My next dream is to join the community we love, yes it’s Byron.

I and my wife Kazu can see our seeking life in there.


That’s the place to be ourselves, connecting with nature, creating new value, building relationship and making our ideal community.


After finished meetup, we enjoyed Tallow beach.

Just swam and chilled out.



Then, I bought new book for studying again about marketing.

I learned about marketing in University but market has changed a lot, so marketing has changed as well I think.


Looking forward to know new thought.

Also, next meetup on 11 May.


Thanks for reading.



僕らが愛するByron Bayで新たな出会いを求めるべく、





























One thought on “Do not hesitate to face yourself – できない自分と戯れろ

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